The whole story has begun when I married to a wonderful lady on a very very special Spring day in 1971, April 29th. Seated beside me to my right is the lady "Jung"(Jungsoon Ahn-Ahn is her maiden name and in Korea ladies maintain their maiden name forever).
Majored in French, however, like most of other Korean ladies she spends most of her time for family affairs. Small difference is that she is an active member of French speaking ladies' association in Seoul, and has lots of French friends. As of this update she is an active chairperson of Cercle Franco-Coreen. An additional comment on her. She was elected as a Home Coming Queen of May Festival of Ewha Women's University on May 31, 1999. (See some pictures by clicking Here.)

Center, standing is my daught(elder), Wonhyung. Majored in News Media & PR at SoGang University. She is pretty, talented, and very dedicated. She is outspoken, straight-forward, a good swimmer, and, more than anything else, she loves Daddy.(They say she looks after me, and she doesn't dislike it. Isn't it marvelous?)
As of April 2, 2003, she married Moon, Eun Ho, and created new sweet home at north of the Han River. She now loves Eun Ho, but it does not necessarily mean she stopped loving daddy. (See the wedding pictures at 사진모음.)

To my left is the jewel-like Injung(youngest daughter). She majored in Russian in the university, but she liked skiing far more than Russian if my observation was correct. She once worked at VLC Corporation as a Web Designer. She likes cooking and help Mom in various home affairs.
As of July 18, she married Oh, Sang Do and moved to Champagne, Illinois where they creates new home for Sang Do's continuing study for MBA. (See the wedding pictures at 사진모음.)
As of February 3, 2005, a new baby named Oh, In Suh was born in this new family. We all long to meet her, but she is still in U.S. waiting for her father’s summer vacation to home. You could also find her pictures at 사진모음.

 The last but who is the first and only son of the family is Kijoon, who majored in economics and works as a strategy staff of SK Telecom for China business. The company sent him to Beijing University for MBA study. He used to be a competition swimmer-butterfly style in age group competitions when he was in primary school. Later he became a jazz pianist(now synthesizer player) and composer as hobby.
As of May19, 2000, Kijoon married to a lovely girl named Sohee Kim to make his own family(See wedding pictures at 사진모음.)

As of October 9, 2001, new era of Hugh family begun. A new baby has arrived. You can find how wonderful it is! I named him "Jae Young" and gave my father's American name "Benjamin". I am sure Benjamin Hugh, Senior would have loved this idea. The family is now staying in Beijing and you can easily imagine how much phone bill should the whole family pay every month to cover the Seoul-Beijing-Champaign networking.

We had one more family who was not shown in the picture. Her name is Tongtong. She was white-haired, small, pretty Martise but very recently gone at her age of 9, as of April 21. All of the family believe that our relation and love with Tongtong will somehow be renewed through reincarnation or another. May god bless her.

One more story and I'll finish. The spelling of our family name 'Hugh' is regarded very unusual as a Korean name. In fact, most of the same given name is spelled as 'Hur' or 'Huh' in Korea. We adopted this spelling following my father's way of spelling it when he was educated in U.S. some 70 years ago. Unusual as a Korean in that period of time, he graduated from Shanghai Sanyu College in 1922, Roanoke College, Salem Virginia in 1929 and also from Wharton School in 1932. For some reason I do not know, he started to use the 'Hugh' spelling( his full name as written in his alumni album is Benjamin Yun Hugh). However, what's big deal about reason or reasoning? All of our family just decided to use it in order to memorialize him deeply in our mind. Why don't we ask the reason he did it? Unfortunately, he passed away very early when we were all very young, in 1949 when I was only 6. It was too much for a 6 years old boy to ask his father, why didn't you use the spelling "Hur" like "Ben Hur" instead of "Hugh".
Anyway it's very very old family story nobody cares.
Thank you for your patience.